Infrared Sauna Buyer Guide: Choosing the right one

Infrared Sauna Buyer Guide: Choosing the right one

Your long-term health will benefit greatly from your decision to purchase an infrared sauna for your house. The advantages of regularly utilising a sauna are substantial and well documented, but choosing the correct infrared sauna can be challenging.

Different heater technologies, numerous types of wood, toxicity and off-gassing dangers, and then there are all the EMF problems. You have undoubtedly seen the "straight from China" saunas and contrasted them with the popular brands that charge 4-5 times as much for saunas.

Do you fork up more money for the "branding"? Do you not simply require a sauna for sweating? And why exactly do I need infrared? I remember asking myself all of these questions when I initially started looking at infrared sauna many years ago.

Today, in addition to owning several saunas, I have also spent far too many hours reading about, testing, and learning all there is to know about infrared saunas. Below, I offer all of this knowledge with you in the hopes that it will help you make a well-informed decision when it comes to purchasing an infrared (IR) sauna.

Here are some areas to look out for when purchasing the right infrared sauna for yourself:

EMF Levels - Panels that convert power to IR light are used in infrared saunas. This implies that non-native electromagnetic fields will be released, which can stress the organism. You want a sauna with little to no EMF emissions, if possible. 

Glues - Many low-cost IR sauna manufacturers utilise synthetic glues that, when heated, emit noxious odours.

Size - Make sure it is the appropriate size for your location and the number of users, but don't always believe that bigger is better. A bigger sauna will cost more to operate and may take longer to heat up (plus it will cost more to buy)

Wood Material - Ensure that it is constructed from a natural wood that has a history of being used in saunas (not plywood, for example).

Warranty and Return Policy - You may save a few bucks by purchasing a cheap sauna that is shipped directly from China, but what if something fails or you need to return it? Local purchases can be preferable.

Heater Sizes - Are the heaters positioned such that your body is struck with IR light from the sides, back, and front (many don't have front panels, or they utilise small front panels, etc.) and do they target the essential sections of your body (your knees to neck)?

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