Collection: Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, often known as color therapy, is a way to improve your sauna experience and modify your mental health. It is a science that involves using colors to change the body's vibrations to frequencies that promote health and harmony.

Chromotherapy Sauna Benefits

For our bodies to survive, we require sunlight, and there are seven colors in the spectrum of that light. Physical and psychological problems can appear when any of those colors are out of balance.

Chromotherapy is now available in all of our saunas. You may balance your body's energy by using an infrared sauna regularly. Benefits of chromotherapy saunas include the healing of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

Color Therapy Explained

The idea of chromotherapy has been studied as a form of treatment since 2000 BC. People all over the world are currently embracing chromotherapy as a complementary and alternative treatment option.

The brain and body are activated by light, which enters the body through the eyes and skin. The entire brain is illuminated when even a single photon of light reaches the eye. This light stimulates the pituitary, the body's master gland, the autonomic nerve system, the endocrine system, and the hypothalamus, which controls all bodily activities necessary for maintaining life.

A Brief Overview of Chromo­therapy Colors

Studies have shown that chromotherapy has a significant positive impact on a number of illnesses, including cancer, particularly breast cancer, hematoma (red), hepatitis B (combination of different lights), hypertension, neonatal jaundice (blue light), spondylosis, peptic ulcer disease (yellow light), depression and stress, migraine (green light), hyperthyroidism (violet/blue light), alopecia (violet (blue and red).

Chromotherapy is consequently gaining popularity as a therapeutic tool with a range of medical applications.