Collection: What is Infrared Light?

Infrared light comes to us from nature. It is the sun's wholesome, therapeutic rays. Your entire life, you have sensed infrared, when you sit next to a fire or experience the sun's warmth. Additionally, infrared promotes flowering and the right quantity encourages rapid and robust stem growth.

Hello, Sunshine!

Infrared is delivered by nature in sunshine. The sun emits a variety of light, the majority of which is invisible to the human eye.

The name "infra (below)" + "red" refers to the invisible light that is immediately adjacent to red light outside the prism. Sunlight contains 52–55 percent infrared, which is the sun's beneficial and healing light.

Harness the Healthy Energy

A natural spectrum includes infrared. The electromagnetic spectrum, a band of light waves arranged according to how they interact with matter, includes visible light and infrared.

According to scientists, infrared is a soothing, safe form that benefits both people and the environment. It provides the precise amount of energy cells require to prompt warming, development, and release.

3 Waves, Multiple Health Benefits

There are three distinct forms of infrared.

Infrared has a variety of waves in its own category because it is on a spectrum. Based on wave size, frequency, and energy carried, there are three categories: near (NIR), mid (MIR), and distant (FIR).

Each infrared ray, despite being a tiny pinpoint-sized wave, has a lovely, distinctive effect on both nature and human bodies.