Collection: Superior Quality

Maintaining health & wellness begins with selecting a superior Infrared Sauna that is built-to-last. 


The beauty of a sauna is in the details—each and every Clearlight Infrared Saunas are hand-sanded and colour-matched with the finest Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Bassword, guaranteed to enhance the look and feel of any room.Using only furniture-grade wood, Clearlight saunas are strengthen with solid wood frame that is built-to-last, lasting for generations to come.


True Wave infrared emitters in our saunas have an estimated operational life of 30,000 hours, which means you can use your sauna 5 times per week and your sauna still can last up to 125 years! Clearlight saunas comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers all components, including heaters, controls, electrical, wood, and even small components like the audio system! Clearlight Saunas are the finest infrared saunas available on the market.