Frequently Asked Questions

Sauna Use

Is there a sauna protocol I should follow?

Proper sauna use is important; just like we warm up and cool down our bodies when we exercise, there are some basic steps to follow to ensure you gain maximum benefits of using a sauna. 

Before Sauna Use:

Drink a minimum of 8 oz. of water to prepare your body for an increase in core body temperature.Prep your sauna: Pre-heat your sauna for 45-60 minutes. Your sauna will heat up approximately one degree per minute, depending on room temperature. You can use automatic start up for the Signature or Amplify infrared sauna by setting it in Reservation Mode, or schedule a start time in the mPulse 3 in 1 sauna.Lay down towels on the bench to absorb sweat. It’s also nice to have an extra around to wipe your face during sessions. We recommend using Celliant towels.

During Sauna Use:

Watch your time: Make sure to adjust your session length in accordance to your body’s needs. If you are just beginning with regular sauna use, it is important to start slow and get your body accustomed to infrared therapy. We recommend beginning with 10-15 minute sessions at 100°F every other day. Gradually increase toward 40 minute daily sessions in the optimal temperature range. Always listen to your body and adjust based on what it’s telling you.Stick with it for long-term benefits: Just as with exercise or eating healthy, sauna use takes time and consistency to see results. You may not even sweat the first few times you use your sauna, but know that sweating (and the detox that comes with it) will increase over time, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and healthy. We recommend Pure Sweat amplifying cream, which increases sweating and circulation to boost results.

After Sauna Use:

Rehydrate with at least 24 oz. of water or electrolyte drink.Dry off and cool down naturally, or with a refreshing shower.Keep it clean: Using Celliant towels on the bench to absorb sweat and excess moisture will help keep your sauna clean during regular use. Clean the wood and glass in your sauna every six months with our Natural Sauna Cleaning Kit.

How long is a typical session, and how often can I take a session?

Most people partake in a 30-45 minute session, 3 -4 times a week, but it is safe to use every day and at whatever heat suits you best.

How long will it take for my sauna to heat up?

Our saunas are based on the infrared wavelength and not cabin temperature. Set to the desired temperature and allow the sauna to warm up for 45-60 minutes. The sauna heats up at an average of 1 degree per minute.

Follow these steps for proper warm up:

Make sure your sauna is plugged into a dedicated circuit installed by your electrician.Set to the desired temperature and set time to 60 minutes.When turning sauna on for the first time, ensure each heater is active after a couple of minutes. If they are not, make sure connections are securely paired from their initial wire feed coming from the power box under the bench.Never fully cover the floor grate and heater with any obstruction that will not allow the heater to dissipate its heat.

You can also use the scheduling feature to have the sauna heat up at a certain time. The Android control panel must not be ‘shutdown’ to use this feature.

NOTE: If your sauna is outside in an unheated garage, sun room, basement or patio, you may require additional time to warm the sauna up depending upon the temperature of the surrounding surface and room. REMEMBER, you are required to have an authorized Sunlighten cover over your sauna if it is outside or exposed to the weather in order to maintain your warranty.

How do I clean my sauna?

Sunlighten’s Natural Sauna Cleaner is made specifically for use with your sauna. At least every six months, dampen a cloth with Sunlighten All Natural Wood Cleaner. Clean glass door and windows with Sunlighten All Natural Glass Cleaner. You may dust the outside of the sauna with a dry dust cloth. Do not use chemical cleaners on your sauna. Light sandpaper can be used to treat stains on the inside of the sauna. Sunlighten Natural Sauna Cleaning Kit can be purchased at the Sunlighten Online Store

How do I find my sauna serial number?

You can find your sauna serial number in multiple ways.

Serial number can be found on the tag attached to the door of your unit; if the unit is brand new. Serial number can be found on the outside back wall of the unit. Serial number can be found on original sales order that is emailed to the customer.  For mPulse saunas, the serial numbers will be located next to the plaque on the bottom right corner where the power cord is coming out, on a sticker.

How much will the sauna cost to run a month?

The sauna runs on the same wattage as a blow dryer and will cost little to run monthly: typically 15 to 35 cents per hour. This varies with the model and local utility cost. Your utility company can help you understand a more exact per hour cost if needed.

Sauna Assembly

How long will it take to receive my sauna?

After initial processing and once shipped, times vary depending on your location and sauna model. The typical range is anywhere from 5 to 10 business days on in stock models. Shipping may take longer than originally estimated due to delays from current impacts of the pandemic from the shipping carriers.

How will my sauna be delivered and installed?

Our team will provide the transportation and installation services, it takes about 1-2 hours for your sauna to be installed (depending on size).

How much room is required around my sauna for setup & maintenance?

We recommend 4-12 inches of clearance around the back, sides and top of the sauna to access plugs and for general maintenance. Leave at least 4 inches behind the unit to allow the electronics to cool.

What surfaces can I place my sauna on?

You can set your sauna on tile, concrete, carpet, laminate or wood. On any floor type, make sure that your sauna is level for optimal use. Be sure to install the sauna feet before assembling. If your sauna is placed outdoors, make sure there is adequate drainage so that water cannot pool around the base of the sauna. If placed near or on cool surfaces (like concrete and basement walls), warm-up can be impacted.

Can I assemble my sauna outdoors?

Yes, if you protect it with a Sunlighten canvas, sauna cover. If you place your sauna outdoors without a Sunlighten cover, your warranty will be void. The sauna covers are custom made and may not arrive until after you receive your sauna. Do not install your sauna outdoors prior to receiving your cover. Doing so will void the warranty! Check the sauna cover annually for normal wear and replace as needed. Sauna cover manufacturer warranty is one year.

How do I disassemble if I need to move the sauna?

Do contact us and we will quote you on the relocation fees. Our specialised team will handle from dismantling, transportation, to assembly.

All you need to do is just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the same benefits of your favourite sauna at your new location!

Sauna Technology

What is EMF? Is it harmful to the body?

EMF (electric and magnetic fields) are waves of electric and magnetic energy radiating through space. High EMF levels are often associated with power lines.

EMF is everywhere in our homes and offices. The electrical appliances we use (an electric can opener at close range emits substantial EMFs), computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, wireless modems, cordless phones, clock radios, hair dryers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and more – all produce EMFs.

Although the current scientific evidence provides no definitive answers regarding EMF, there is enough uncertainty that some people want to reduce their exposure to EMF. For that reason, we have limited the levels of EMF from our heaters as much as possible.

If you are concerned at all about EMF, our Signature and Solo contain our Ultra Low EMF Solocarbon heaters. Our exclusive manufacturing process allows us to cancel out EMF to levels that are virtually undetectable.

What is the difference between ceramic and carbon infrared technology?

Both technologies are ways to deliver infrared heat, but ceramic rods have now been surpassed by carbon panel technology thanks to the latter’s ability to produce a more consistent infrared output at lower temperatures given its surface area. Ceramic rods must be brought to excessively high heats, resulting in hot and cold spots throughout your sauna. All Sunlighten saunas use carbon-based technology and are the only carbon-based heaters with clinical backing.

Does my Amplify have both near and far infrared?

The Amplify series features SoloCarbon heaters that emit all three wavelengths of infrared, full-spectrum. Our patented technology has a highly emissive coating that delivers the highest quality AND quantity of infrared heat for therapeutic results. SoloCarbon panels are the only far infrared heaters

How do I connect to the Bluetooth on the stereo?

Pairing – On your smartphone, select the Bluetooth item and search for the Bluetooth device and select “Sunlighten”. If you are prompted for a password, input password “0000”. When successfully paired, the BT mark will be displayed on the LCD.Bluetooth function – Press the SRC button on stereo to switch to BT mode. It will play a song from your phone automatically.

Which additional apps are supported and which aren't?

Netflix will be preloaded with the app update. Before updating from the previous version, you’ll want touninstall the version of the Netflix app already on your Android Control Pad. You will have the ability to download additional apps from the Google Play Store, such as Amazon Prime, HBO MAX, Spotify and Pandora. We have tested popular music and streaming apps and found them to be compatible with the Sunlighten app, but due to updates and changes with third party apps, we cannot guarantee functionality.

Sauna Health

Why am I not sweating?

Just as with exercise or eating healthy, sauna use takes time and consistency to see results. You may not sweat the first few times you use your sauna, but know that sweating (and the detox that comes with it) will increase over time, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and healthy.

After using regularly and still not sweating to your bodies potential, there could be other factors at play. Are you drinking enough water? Are you only hydrating on days you know you will sit in the sauna? It is recommended that you drink half your body weight in ounces.

If you are properly hydrated, Pure Sweat cream will induce sweating. Pure sweat amplifies your body’s ability to sweat by increasing your sweating potential three times higher than without Pure Sweat.

Can I use my sauna everyday?

For most people, daily sauna use is okay after your body has become accustomed to infrared therapy. Drink increased amounts of water to stay hydrated. Listen to your body and stop your session if you feel any discomfort.

Can I take my cell phone into the sauna?

Just as you would not leave your cell phone in your car on a hot day, we do not recommend taking cells phones, Apple watches or other electronics in the sauna. The electronics that are built into the sauna are designed for a heated environment.

Can I lean against the heater panels?

Yes, it is safe for your back to lean against the heater panels. However, we don’t recommend usage of a pillow directly against them as perspiration absorbed by the pillow can rapidly increase in temperature. If you find it is uncomfortable, a sauna backrest is a great option.

What health benefits are associated with infrared heat, and which have been proven and documented?

All of our health benefits have been either clinically shown on our heaters or are based on studies of infrared wavelengths that we precisely mimic in our heaters. Sunlighten saunas are proven up to 99% effective at emitting the highest quality and quantity of infrared heat required for delivery of a full range of health benefits.