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Amplify II

Amplify II

2 seater

Because of the distinctive full spectrum heater mix, the Amplify II fulfills what its name promises. Together, two different types of heaters operate.

It is easy to use, heats up quickly, and produces both a deep core sweat and the heat of a typical sauna. If one of your users prefers a less intense heat, you can easily change the temperature setting to fit your preferences thanks to simple controls.

You can schedule a 24-hour timer to start your infrared sauna therapy session whenever you like. Play your ideal playlist via the bluetooth player, or take a constructive break in solitude as you recover.



A strong, durable wood historically used for cabinetry and floor work. A premium category wood, similar to teak. Consistent color, beautiful grain, with no fragrance. Thanks to a high oil content, eucalyptus stands up easily to moisture. Euca is comfortable to sit on and is a green product that is sustainable.



Width: 129m

Depth: 116cm

Height: 197cm

Door Opening: 72cm


Eucalyptus: 246kg


2 Full Spectrum
*No floor heaters


Width: 115m

Depth: 101cm

Height: 178cm


230V - 8.78A

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Clinically proven near perfect far infrared plus more heat! In Amplify, we amped up the heat factor with additional halogen heaters to get it hotter faster.

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Bring Sunlighten’s healing infrared into your wellness rhythm, and experience the benefits of the most effective, highest quality near, mid and far infrared available.

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