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Backrest - Eucalyptus

Backrest - Eucalyptus

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If you picture yourself leaning back or laying down in your sauna, this structured support takes weight off your back. We designed a moveable, multi-use backrest to give you choices for additional body support for different lounging positions during your sauna sessions.

Stand it up, lay it down, move it around as you need.

  • Sit with supported recline–lean it against the wall
  • Create an incline for your upper body while laying down–lay it flat under your back
  • Support your lower back while laying down–place it under your knees
  • Lift your feet–use it as a footrest on the floor or bench

Durable wood construction for optimal support.




22 x 18 x 6 in

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Elevate Your Sauna Experience

Transform your sauna into a total wellness spa atmosphere with Sunlighten’s custom-designed sauna accessories, from our Sauna Linen Collection to finely crafted wood backrests and sauna cushion covers.