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mPulse Smart Sauna - Aspire

mPulse Smart Sauna - Aspire

1 seater

An mPulse sauna is a customizable infrared light therapy system. To accommodate your changing and evolving needs, use a sauna that has undergone clinical studies. 

Get specific programs of our soothing near, mid, and far infrared to rest, heal, and invigorate your body so you can do more of what you love, longer, with the mPulse Aspire, a stunning one-person sauna retreat.


Eucalyptus Outside / Cedar Inside

- Noise Reducing

- Sustainable/Green/Renewable

- Durable



Width: 111cm

Depth: 106cm

Height: 200cm

Door Opening: 72cm


Eucalyptus Outside / Cedar Inside: 205kg


5 FIR, 4 MIR, 3 NIR


Width: 96cm

Depth: 91cm

Height: 182cm


230V - 8.7A

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The mPulse comes with a Control Panel that empowers you to select from six programs created from clinical research to deliver each wavelength at the optimal dosage to help your body with whatever you need each time you use it.

Control Panel Features

Corner detailing creates a special entrance experience unique to mPulse owners. Meticulous attention to detail and an appreciation for beauty led to imagining the special experience. From inside, seeing the glass corner elevates the ambiance beyond compare.

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