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Solo Pad

Solo Pad


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SoloPad is our most affordable and easy-to-store infrared therapy option. It delivers the most effective far infrared heat available using our SoloCarbon technology, clinically shown to increase core body temperature to aid in detoxification, weight loss, muscle recovery and more. 

Place on the floor, bed, sofa, or chair for far infrared therapy anytime, anywhere.* Or combine with the Solo Domes portable sauna for total body surround far infrared heat in a peaceful, portable sauna experience. 

*The heaters are located at the bottom of the Solopad and should not be placed directly on the floor.  We recommend using an extra wide massage table, non-toxic yoga mat, bed, or on the floor layered with thick blankets or towels.

Pillow sold separately


- 4 Solocarbon heaters, proven 95-99% effective
- Plush 3” memory foam conforms to your body
- Ergonomic design relieves stress on the lower back
- Three fold points for easy storage
- Encased in durable commercial-grade fabric
- Easy to clean, stain resistant, certified nontoxic
- Digital control has 12 hour timer and 9 heat settings
- Perfect fit with  Solo Domes to intensify portable sauna experience


24 × 15 × 20 in

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